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How This Simple Idea Made A College Student $20,000

I often come across a lot of business ideas or side hustles that influencers constantly claim, earn them thousands of dollars. These posts or articles go viral quickly, spreading like wildfire. But often, these ideas are not as easy as they are portrayed to be. They are either time-consuming, have hidden costs involved (like the cost of learning a skill), or are simply saturated, making no sense to enter a crowded market.

That is why I always insist to the youth that I strive to empower: charity begins at home. Use the power of observation to look at services you use regularly and notice things that can be improved.

Most multimillion-dollar corporations sell simple products like snacks, paper towels, and soap — items that fulfill daily, almost basic needs, like brushing your teeth.

Christopher Schwab, a college student, did just that. He observed and identified the huge demand for transparent, high-quality cleaning services, and he believed he could fix many of the complaints people had about cleaning services. He recognized major flaws in the cleaning industry and offered a more customer service-driven alternative that brings in around $20,000 a month.

The problems he addressed were:

  1. Reliability of cleaning companies

  2. The hassle involved with booking

  3. Lack of honesty or integrity with some cleaning companies

His solutions included:

  1. Simple online booking

  2. Easy cancellations and rescheduling

  3. The ability for clients to share special cleaning instructions

  4. Client-centric service with seamless communication

  5. Consistent, top-quality cleaning

His company (Think Maids) even goes as far as paying far above its competitors, giving great incentives, and providing an uplifting work environment. How often do companies take good care of the needs of their employees? Another secret to a thriving business that many business owners overlook!

Take Action

Your assignment: make a list of all the businesses and industries that you think could be improved. How would you fix them?

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