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Can An Average Student Become A Most Succesful Student?

Updated: Mar 4

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You are capable of being the most succesful student!

Absolutely, any student, whether average or exceptional, can achieve remarkable success. It's essential to understand that success isn't just about grades. To flourish as a student, you need to consider multiple facets of your life that collectively contribute to your overall success. Picture success as baking a chocolate cake – every ingredient plays a crucial role, and achieving the perfect balance is what determines its deliciousness. Similarly, the same principle applies to success; if you overly emphasize one aspect while neglecting others, it could hinder your overall progress. Let's take a deeper dive into the various aspects and qualities that contribute to a student's success.


Think of education as the foundation of your success. Consider education as one quality of being a most successful student. It involves more than grades – it's about embracing the importance of knowledge. To take on life's challenges or any task, you must first have knowledge about them and understand them. Therefore, approach your studies with dedication, comprehend the lessons, and enhance your academic performance.

But what if you are an average student and find yourself consistently not scoring more than average despite your efforts?

There are two things you can do to improve your grades;

  1. Shift your mindset. Don't let past grades define you. Affirm and commit to improving in the future. Recognize that your current achievements reflect your hard work. Seek out ways to enhance your grades and make them even better.

  2. Adjust your study and learning strategies to suit your needs. Make your education unique to you. For instance, if you find a certain concept challenging or daunting, a useful approach to enhance your performance in that area is to explore how that subject impacts everyday life. For instance, if you're struggling with physics, ponder on the interesting and practical applications of physics in your daily routines. Watch informative videos, engage in simple DIY projects related to the subject, cultivate an interest in the topic, and discover ways the subject can be relevant to your life. Consistently practice by attempting questions alone or with friends, and consider using apps that simplify the subject matter.

Remember, good grades have their perks, such as scholarships, grants, and valuable internships. However, don't stress excessively about achieving top-notch grades. Instead, prioritize comprehending the lessons taught to you, consistently improving, and aiming to outdo your past performance.

Talent and Skill Development

a lady sewing, improving on their talent

Your talent takes many forms – it could be a hobby you cherish, a passion you nurture, or an innate ability you've always had. While you're focused on your academic performance, don't forget to cultivate your skills. This ongoing effort to improve yourself will pave the way for your success. Consistently nurturing your talents or honing your hobbies will sharpen your expertise and knowledge, unlocking a world of opportunities. Let's say you're a natural at public speaking – join a public speaking club to refine your skills. No club around? Be the trailblazer and start one. If you enjoy playing football even though you might not be the best, consider investing time in improving – who knows, you could transform your love for the game into a platform for achievement.

Perhaps you're passionate about movies and television. Ever wonder about the behind-the-scenes magic? Dive into the world of scriptwriting, producing, or video editing. Find a skill that captivates you and embark on a journey of enrichment. For instance, if you decide to explore video editing, the satisfaction you'll derive from creating something of your own, the motivation it'll ignite, and the doors it'll unlock will leave you astonished. Remember, developing your talents and skills not only adds to your expertise but also fuels your drive and opens doors to unimaginable opportunities

Navigating Opportunities

a hand holding a phone with the words "opportunity knocks" on th black screen
Become Opportunity Focused.

I live by the belief that "the world has so much to offer." Did you know that this principle works both ways? Your perspective plays a pivotal role in recognizing opportunities and their sources. To become the most successful student, it's crucial to maintain an observant and opportunistic mindset. There's an abundance of untapped potential and challenges waiting for your innovative solutions. Remember, uniqueness sets you apart; even seemingly saturated areas can be transformed through fresh approaches. Understand that every moment, from waking to sleeping, holds opportunities for career growth and financial advancement. Consider how individuals have turned ordinary items or tasks into lucrative ventures – from selling beds, crafting spoons, and styling hair to folding and organizing clothes. The world brims with chances for those who choose to explore and seize them.

Here is a short excerpt from the story 'Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got' by Jay Abraham that stresses having your HEAD UP, EYES OPEN, MIND IN GEAR.

A young boy happened to look down and spot a shiny quarter. He picked it up. This was good - it was his quarter, fair and square, and it had cost him nothing.

From that moment on, he walked with his eyes surveying the ground for more treasure. During his life, he found 387 pennies, 62 nickels, 49 dimes, 16 quarters, two half-dollars, and six one-dollar bills - a total of $23.37.

The money had cost him nothing, except that he missed 28,742 beautiful sunsets, rainbows, babies growing, birds flying, the sun shining, and the smiles of the people around him. He also missed an untold number of million-dollar breakthroughs.

This story stresses the importance of being opportunity-focused and driven.

Financial Empowerment

Knowledge of finance is essential. You must understand that financial literacy leads to financial empowerment and, ultimately, financial freedom if you want to become a successful student. No matter how little money you have, learn how to handle it and make it work for you. Create a budget, put money away for a rainy day, invest, look for ways to enhance your financial situation, and be aware of market trends. All of them are essential to making the right financial decisions for your financial concerns. If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, or Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.

Time Management

Balancing everything is key. Prioritize your education, but also make time for skill-building, financial empowerment, and personal growth. Manage your time well and boost your productivity. It's a valuable skill that helps you excel in all areas. Imagine if you dedicated a small portion of your day to improving a skill or learning something new – in a year, you'd be amazed at how much you've accomplished.

Overall Lifestyle Success

Your daily routines, the people you surround yourself with, and your habits shape your success. Just like the saying "garbage in, garbage out," the same applies to your life. Fill your mind with positive influences, values, and habits that drive you towards your goals.

Imagine combining education, talent, opportunity discovery, financial empowerment, and time management. Picture the powerful, successful student you're becoming. What's stopping you? Start taking action today! Your success journey begins now.

If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends and colleagues. Together, we can inspire and uplift each other towards greatness!


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