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7 Tips To Survive and Pass A Boring Class

Updated: Jun 12

Have you ever noticed that the hardest subjects are often taught by the most boring teachers? Somehow, you're expected to grasp complex concepts from a teacher whom you can hardly hear, comprehend, or keep up with. Imagine sitting through a Physics class with a teacher who reads straight from the textbook! And yet, at the end of the day, you're supposed to ace that class! Painful, huh? Anyway, I've gathered some helpful tips that will help you survive and ace that teacher's class!

Here are 7 helpful tips on how to pass that boring class

Question Everything

Fight the drowsiness by throwing questions like confetti! It's the best way to keep your brain on its toes (or neurons?). Turn into that "But why?" kid. Asking questions, even those you think might be silly, can lead to interesting insights and keep your brain engaged, ensuring you stay wide awake. The likelihood of grasping a concept from a question you've asked and received an answer to is extremely high. This is because when the lecturer is responding, you are bound to listen attentively, especially as chances are they are staring directly at you. Make sure to pay attention and nod in response to their answer while contemplating what they've said. Follow it up by reiterating the answer. For example, if you asked a question in biology such as, "What do you call the basic structure of a living thing?" And then the teacher answered you, nod and listen to his answer. When he is done, to ensure you grasp the concept, repeat it back to him as if you are trying to clarify that you understood correctly. "Oh, okay, teacher. So, you're saying the basic structure of a living thing is a cell because they are the fundamental units of life, responsible for carrying out all the necessary functions for an organism to survive and reproduce." The chances of grasping and remembering that concept and passing it in an exam are very high because engaging in active dialogue about the material cements it in your memory. This method transforms passive listening into an active learning experience, making the information more memorable. So, by asking questions, listening attentively, and then rephrasing the answers for clarification, you're essentially teaching the concept to yourself, which is a highly effective study technique. This proactive strategy significantly enhances your ability to recall the information when you need it most—during the exam.

Become a syllabus Ninja

Sneak a peek at the syllabus and learn those major points like you're on a secret mission. Your preparation is the ultimate weapon on how to pass that boring class and survive it. Understanding the key topics keeps you ahead of the teacher and helps you anticipate their next move. You boost your confidence, spark curiosity, and notice when the teacher goes off-script. And, because you are prepared, you can ask smart questions, improving the learning experience for everyone.

Doodle Your Way Through:

Sketch notes, doodle in the margins, or draw concepts. Imagine turning a bland, black-and-white TV show into a vibrant, color spectacle—that's what doodling can do for your notes. Your doodles and sketches become a unique language that speaks directly to your understanding and imagination. It breaks the monotony of traditional note-taking and injects a bit of fun into study sessions, keeping your motivation levels high. When you sketch notes, doodle in the margins, or draw out concepts, you're not just making your pages look more interesting; you're activating a whole different part of your brain. In turn, this helps you process and remember information in a more connected and personal way. For instance, if you're learning about the water cycle, drawing it out with symbols, arrows, and even little raindrops can make the concept more tangible and memorable than words alone could. So, next time you're stuck in a dreary lecture or slogging through a dense textbook chapter, try doodling your way through. You might be surprised at how much more engaging and understandable the material becomes when you see it through your creative lens.

After-Class Shenanigans:

Just endured another boring class that felt longer than a marathon? Time to inject some fun into your study routine and break the monotony. Whether it's history, biology, or any other subject that's been draining your will to learn, turning to humor can be a game-changer. Why not lighten the mood with subject-related jokes or memes? It's a refreshing way to make any topic memorable—yes, even the ones that seem dry as dust. Embracing humor after class does wonders for your learning. A clever joke or a witty meme about the day’s lesson can encapsulate complex ideas simply and enjoyably. Suddenly, those tough concepts aren't just more digestible; they're fun to think about. Remember the question "What do you call the basic structure of a living thing?" This is how you might phrase a joke after the class. "Why did the cell get a job? Because it had all the right qualifications to be the 'building block' of society!" But there's more to it than just laughs. Engaging creatively with the material, such as making up your jokes or memes, encourages you to look at the subject matter from a different angle. Study time become more enjoyable and it also reinforces your grasp of the concepts in the most delightful way making it easy for you to then pass that boring class.

Podcast Party:

You can shake things up with a podcast! Finding a podcast on the subject you're studying is like inviting a dynamic guest speaker to your learning experience. Instead of droning on like a broken record, podcasts infuse energy, personality, and diverse perspectives into the material, making it not just informative but downright entertaining. Listening to a podcast on the topic you're studying is like tuning in to a lively conversation between experts, enthusiasts, or even comedians who share their insights, stories, and experiences. It's a breath of fresh air compared to the stale atmosphere of traditional lectures. Plus, podcasts often cover the same material in a more conversational and accessible manner, breaking down complex concepts into bite-sized nuggets that are easier to digest. Moreover, podcasts offer flexibility and convenience. You can tune in while commuting, exercising, or even doing chores, turning mundane tasks into opportunities for learning and engagement. And with a plethora of podcast options available, you're sure to find one that suits your interests, learning style, and level of expertise. But the best thing about podcasts is how they can captivate and inspire you. A great podcast can spark your curiosity, ignite your passion, and make you crave more knowledge in ways that traditional lectures just can't. It's like having a personal mentor or cheerleader rooting for you as you tackle the complexities of the subject.

Flashcard and Sticky Notes Frenzy:

Imagine this as a new addition to your study toolkit: First, you do some prep work, learning the big topics like a pro explorer mapping out a journey. With this overview, you're ready for anything. Next, you start asking questions like a pro, sparking interesting talks with your teacher. When they answer, you don't just nod and move on. Instead, you repeat back what they said, making sure you get it. Then, here comes the fun part: you take it up a notch. You write down their answers, making your notebook of wisdom. Picture it: a book filled with doodles, sticky notes, and flashcards—each one a piece of knowledge waiting for you to master. This notebook becomes your sanctuary of learning, a treasure trove of insights and discoveries that you've painstakingly curated. You reinforce your doodles with sticky notes containing key facts, figures, and formulas, creating a visual masterpiece that's as colorful as it is informative. And then, whatever you write there becomes more than just words on a page—it becomes a part of you, etched into your memory like a tattoo on your mind. With each stroke of the pen and each flip of a flashcard, you reinforce your understanding and solidify your knowledge, transforming yourself into a true master of the subject.

Study Group Synergy:

Instead of suffering through boredom alone, rally your comrades! Seek out a group of friends who share your sentiments about the class and form your own study group. Assign roles and responsibilities: one friend can be in charge of finding and reminding everyone about relevant study resources, another can keep track of major points covered in class ahead of time, and yet another can document all the jokes and humorous anecdotes to keep the atmosphere lively. Create a dedicated communication channel, perhaps a WhatsApp group, where you can share resources, discuss strategies, and keep each other motivated. However, it's essential to maintain respect and consideration for your teacher. The purpose of this group should not be to ridicule or undermine the instructor but rather to find constructive ways to engage with the material, deepen understanding, and ultimately succeed in the subject. When you work together with your friends, you make the class more fun and find it easier to tackle tough stuff. So, gather your friends, team up, and make learning a shared adventure! Don't forget to visit the member page on our website, to start discussions and brainstorm with fellow students on ways to succeed in school and life. Share your tips, ask questions, and learn from others' experiences—it's a collaborative space where we support each other in our academic journeys. Additionally, consider visiting our freebies page. You can upload a PDF of a page or two from your 'notebook' sanctuary, where you've used sticky notes and doodles to enhance your learning. Your contribution could help someone else succeed! Check out the resources available for download on the freebies page too.

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