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5 Common Mistakes You Are Making With Your Online Business (And How To Fix Them)

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Running an online business isn’t easy. You’ve probably hit a few bumps along the way.

Let’s pinpoint five common mistakes and how to fix them so you can start seeing better results.

1. Not Focusing on People 2-3 Years Below You

Mistake: Targeting peers or those with similar experience levels.

Why It’s Wrong: Focusing only on peers or those with similar experience levels limits your ability to establish authority. Engaging with those slightly less experienced helps you demonstrate your expertise, build credibility, and attract a broader audience.

Fix: Tailor your services to help those 2-3 years behind you in your industry. Offer mentorship, beginner guides, or entry-level services.

2. Focusing Your Attention on All Social Media Platforms

Mistake: Spreading your efforts thin across multiple platforms.

Why It’s Wrong: Each platform has its own needs, style, and expectations. Sending the same message without tweaking it for each platform’s algorithm leads to poor results, and tweaking each one can be exhausting.

Fix: Concentrate on mastering one or two platforms where your target audience is most active. Having a loyal 20,000 following on LinkedIn alone is far more effective than having 1,000 spread across each platform.

3. Changing Your Marketing Tactics Too Soon

Mistake: Expecting quick fixes and frequently switching strategies.

Why It’s Wrong: Marketing efforts need time to take effect. Constantly changing tactics can prevent you from seeing the results of your efforts.

Fix: Give your marketing strategies enough time to mature. Set realistic timelines and monitor progress before making adjustments.

4. Not Being the Wikipedia of Your Niche

Mistake: Lacking deep, comprehensive knowledge of your niche.

Why It’s Wrong: Superficial understanding limits your ability to provide valuable insights and solutions, reducing your credibility.

Fix: Ensure you have a thorough knowledge of your niche. Understand the 'whys' and 'hows,' know the key players, successful case studies, and the best products or services in your field.

5. Failing to Create or Gather Enough Resource Hubs for Your Niche

Mistake: Offering limited free resources and focusing solely on paid services.

Why It’s Wrong: Free resources build trust and demonstrate your expertise, attracting a larger audience.

Fix: Create or curate valuable free resources for your niche. Provide guides, toolkits, and educational content to help your audience before extending paid services.

Every move you make counts. Keep being proactive, stay engaged, and see your business thrive.


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