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18 Best Ways to Make Money Quickly As a Student(2024)

Updated: Mar 5

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Life as a student can be exciting but challenging when it comes to managing finances. You're constantly looking for ways to make money that won't interfere with your studies and will put cash in your pocket fast. In this article, I've compiled the top 18 best ways for students to make money quickly. These methods generally involve providing services or products that cater to immediate needs, making it possible to see returns relatively quickly. Whether you're looking to cover your daily expenses, save up for something special, or just enjoy a bit of extra spending money, these methods will help you achieve your financial goals without the long wait. Let's dive in.

1. Provide door-door carpet and couch cleaning services

Many working individuals currently face challenges when it comes to cleaning their carpets and couches. They often opt to take their items to a carwash, which not only incurs additional transportation expenses but also results in longer wait times before they can enjoy their clean carpets again. By offering a convenient door-to-door cleaning service, you can bridge this gap and provide a hassle-free solution.

Moreover, there are countless people with dirty couches who lack the knowledge or time to clean them effectively. Seize this opportunity to offer your cleaning expertise. The best part is that you don't need any initial investment – simply visit homes and inquire if they'd like their carpets or sofas cleaned.

For instance, you can charge a reasonable fee to clean carpets and couches for busy homeowners. If you're unsure about the cleaning process, you can easily find tutorials on platforms like YouTube; it's a straightforward task. Over time, as you consistently deliver quality service, you'll have the chance to build a loyal customer base.

2. Resume Writing

As students approach the end of their university journey and prepare to enter the job market, having a standout resume becomes critical for their career prospects.

Offer specialized resume writing and enhancement services tailored to graduating students.

By helping them create compelling resumes, you can assist them in showcasing their academic achievements, skills, and potential to prospective employers, giving them a competitive edge as they transition. Furthermore, this establishes you as the go-to source for graduating students seeking to make a strong impression in the job market.

3. Campus IT Support

If you are a student passionate about technology and looking to gain practical experience, working as Campus IT Support offers a unique opportunity. This role involves assisting fellow students and faculty with various IT-related issues, ranging from troubleshooting software problems to helping maintain campus computer labs and networks. Not only does it provide a hands-on experience that is invaluable for a future career in IT, but it also offers a chance to improve problem-solving skills, enhance technical knowledge, and develop customer service abilities. Additionally, working within the campus IT department can lead to networking opportunities and insights into the latest technology trends. It's a perfect part-time job for tech-savvy students who enjoy solving technical challenges and helping others navigate the digital world.

4. Hostel Clean-Up and Organizing

Students often struggle to keep their living spaces tidy, making this a valuable service. Offer to clean and organize dorm rooms or hostels for fellow students and charge a fee.

5. Laundry Business

Everyone needs clean clothes, but not everyone has the time or facilities to do laundry. Start a laundry service on your campus, charging per load or by weight.

6. Personal Consulting and Tutoring Services

High school students often find themselves in need of guidance and personalized support as they navigate their academic journey and make crucial decisions about their future. You can make a significant impact by offering tutoring and mentoring services tailored to high school students.

This can involve assisting them with challenging subjects, providing academic support, and offering guidance on career choices. Your expertise and guidance can be invaluable in helping these students achieve their academic and career goals.

7. Online Language Tutoring

Multilingualism is highly valued, and you can teach languages you're proficient in. Offer online language lessons to individuals looking to learn or improve their language skills.

More Information: Find online language tutoring opportunities at

8. Start a Digital Campus Newsletter,( Partner with Your University)

A campus newsletter can generate income through ads and sponsorships. Create a digital newsletter featuring campus news, events, and advertisements from local businesses.

More Information: Start your digital newsletter on platforms like Mailchimp.

9. Student Budgeting and Cash Handling Services

Consider launching your own budgeting and cash-handling service tailored to the needs of fellow students. Many students, especially those on tight budgets, struggle with managing their finances effectively. You can step in to offer guidance and assistance.

What is it? Your service involves providing budgeting assistance and cash-stuffing solutions to help students take control of their finances. Offer tips and personalized budget plans to guide them on their financial journey.

Example: You can help students create monthly budgets, set savings goals, and even offer tips on reducing expenses. Additionally, consider offering a "cash-stuffing" service where you help students allocate their money into envelopes or digital wallets to better manage their day-to-day spending.

Tips to Start: Begin by learning effective budgeting techniques at resources like Money Under 30. Market your services on campus and through social media channels. Set reasonable prices that cater to student budgets. As your reputation grows, you'll become a trusted financial advisor for your peers while earning extra income.

10. Babysitting Network

Parents often seek reliable babysitters. Connect babysitters to parents in your network and earn a commission for successful placement.

11. Moving Service

Help people with packing, moving, and furnishing new homes. Offer your services to assist with packing, loading, and unloading items for individuals or families moving houses.

12. Become a Social Media Manager for Local Businesses

If you're passionate about social media, why not turn that passion into a profitable venture? It's simpler than you might think!

Consider offering your expertise to small businesses by managing their social media accounts. Your skills can help them expand their online presence, reach more customers, and grow their brand. Plus, you get to make money doing something you love – social media management. It's a win-win for both you and the businesses you assist!

13. Tap into Your Natural Talent and Promote Yourself

Everyone has unique skills or talents that can be monetized. If you're good at photography, art, or music, offer your services for events or sell your artwork online. Ensure to promote yourself online.

14. Subtitle Videos

Video content is on the rise, and subtitles make it accessible to a wider audience. Offer your services to add subtitles to YouTube videos or online courses.

More Information: Find subtitling opportunities at Rev

15. On-Campus Positions

Your college campus can be a source of part-time job opportunities. Check for on-campus jobs such as library assistant, student ambassador, or research assistant.

More Information: Inquire about on-campus jobs at your college's career center.

16. Enter Competitions

Competitions can offer cash prizes and valuable experience. Participate in essay contests, business plan competitions, or talent shows.

17. Delivery Driver

With the growth of e-commerce, delivery services are in high demand.

Example: Work as a delivery driver for local businesses or food delivery. Find delivery driver jobs on platforms like Uber Eats.

18. Become your go-to Campus Event Organizer and Charge a Commission

You can tap into your creativity and organizational skills by becoming an event organizer on campus. From planning student birthdays to coordinating graduations and other campus events, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your talent. By charging a commission based on the event's budget, you can earn a significant income while gaining valuable experience in event planning and management. This not only offers a flexible schedule but also allows you to network and build relationships within the campus community.

There you have it, 18 best ways to make money as a student in 2024, and you have a variety of options to choose from. Whether you prefer to work independently or collaborate with others, there's an opportunity for you to convert your skills and time into cash. Keep exploring and seizing opportunities to improve your financial situation while you're in school. Subscribe to the website and stay tuned for more useful tips and advice!


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